Pavers & Hardscapes

Why not remove your cracked concrete walkway and replace it with long lasting, durable and beautiful paving stones. Your choice of paver style and color. Using different types and colors of pavers as accents and borders will make your project unique.  Just ask.

Paver Porches and Steps

How about covering up that cracked and stained concrete porch with pavers. We can apply pavers to the top and retaining wall blocks to the side of your existing porch, and then build new matching steps. A great way to create a new and updated look to your home. Long lasting, durable and beautiful. Give the front of your home a facelift!

Paver Patios and Seating Walls

Let’s replace that old wooden deck or cracked concrete patio with low maintance pavers. Long lasting, durable and beautiful. Seating walls add extra seating without taking valuable space away from the patio. Very useful in outdoor living situations.

Retaining Walls

Sculpt the grade with a retaining wall. Your choice of concrete wall blocks, natural stone boulders, or treated landscape timbers. All to create elevated planting beds which add interest and dimension to the look of your home. Boulders are a cost effective way to create larger walls, as seen on Shinangaug Lake, located in Goodrich, MI.

Click the pics below to see the good stuff.